Wherein a Bookworm Ponders the Benefits and Ill Effects of the Holiday Season

Wherein a Bookworm Ponders the Benefits and Ill Effects of the Holiday Season

The holidays are here.  The most stressful time of the year for many people is here. I mean, it is a beautiful season where we celebrate the festival of lights, the birth of an ancient baby, the longest night of the year, and the Gregorian new year.  That being said, it’s still rife with tension and a deluge of plans. 

As a perpetually pessimistic person, I have been instructed to find some positive points about the holiday season.   This time of year is exhausting for everyone, but particularly for bookworms.  Here are my top pros and cons about the end of the year.

PRO # 1:  It is socially acceptable for bookworms to cocoon in blankets, drink hot chocolate, and ignore people in favor of reading.


It’s time for Hygge, brother duckers!


CON # 1:  It is not ALWAYS socially acceptable for bookworms to cocoon in blankets, drink hot chocolate, and ignore people in favor of reading.  Apparently you also have to do this thing where you talk to people and interact and golly-gee, I am not happy about it. 


Did you know that I had to stop reading before I found out if THE DRAGON KING WAS GOING TO TRANSFORM INTO PRINCE CHARMING? WELL, DID YOU?!?!


PRO # 2:  BOOKISH PRESENTS!  Books, bookmarks, books, tea, books, and bookends, and books …


Literally all of those presents are books. ALL OF THEM.


CON # 2:  Despite all the holiday magic, days still only last 24 hours.  And still, no one has yet given me a time turner to remedy that problem. 


Hermione got one when she was 13.  I think I am overdue (HA-GET IT?!) for mine.


PRO # 3: Bookworms get to humble brag about how many books they’ve read this year.


If you don’t take pride in how many you’ve read, you’re lying. If you’re not proud, you haven’t read enough. How much is enough? This picture does not show “enough”.



CON # 3:  I am absolutely terrified that I haven’t read enough to keep my bookworm gold star membership.


I’m all alone in my failure. Please, send cookies.


PRO # 4:  Visiting your mum because no matter how long its been since you lived at home, she’ll still make you a cup of tea and snacks and bring it to you while you’re reading in the corner.


Thanks, mum.  Also, do you have pretzels? And maybe some cheese? Oh, oh! And also can you pretty please get me a cookie?


CON # 4:  Awkward family chatter that doesn’t revolve around books or bookish things. But bonus!  It probably does involve wine. (Also unfortunately probably whine.)


Oh, hi Aunt Gladys. How am I spending my time these day? Oh, you know, fighting evil priestesses, solving haunting murders, and occasionally tasting poisons for the King of Unicorns. NBD.


PRO # 5Getting excited for all of the 2018 book releases.  SO MANY MORE BOOKS TO READ. YAYAYAYAYAY!!



This is what new books look like. All fairy lights and magic and excitement.


CON # 5: Realizing that you haven’t finished the 2016 releases, or 2015, or 2014, or 2013 or OH MY GOD ARE YOU EVEN A BOOKWORM?


Goodbye, cruel world. I’m not going to make it. I’m literally drowning in my TBR pile.


PRO # 6: You get to be the cool auntie (or uncle) who reads all the best books to the kids.


We will read this zebra book to death, don’t you worry.  I’ll teach you to the powers of the dark side, er… I mean re-reading.


CON # 6: You’re not reading anything off your TBR list.


This picture has nothing to do with TBR’s. It’s sad and unfocused, just like your plan to ever finish all those books.


So, what did I get right fellow bookworms? What did I miss?  Let me know in the comments about the good and bad of YOUR holiday season.