Don’t Tease Me

Don’t Tease Me

Dear faithful readers,

I’m taking time out of my usual schedule to bring you an important post.  There comes a time in every relationship where one is asked to make a cup of tea. To prevent loss of friendship over a bad cuppa, I have created a quick guide to make sure you can prepare a single cup of tea whenever asked.  For full disclosure, I have not lost a friendship entirely because of poorly made tea, but it has been a contributing factor to strained relationships.

While more book reviews are brewing, I thought I would take the time to make sure we are all on the same page about tea.  (I’m so sorry. There are a lot of metaphors in that single sentence.) Please enjoy your cup of tea!



Marion C.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Tease Me”

  • Thank you for the tutorial. I’m not a huge tea drinker however, I do have a few varieties on hand for those that want it and for my once in a blue moon cup of tea. Would you be offended by my method? Seriously, these things are important. Last week, I made my Work Study a cup of Tazo Chai as she wasn’t feeling well; she said. “best tea I’ve ever had!” I told her it was the natural honey. She watched as I used my Mr. Coffee, four cup drip.

    I make sure the filter basket is clean (don’t want any coffee taste mucking things up). Put the tea bag in the glass pot. Fill the reservoir with enough water for one cup of tea. Allow the machine to do do the rest; steeping the tea as the pot fills. Once the reservoir is empty, let it stand for about 3 minutes. Pour into cup. Then add a teaspoon of natural honey.

    I like honey in my tea; when I’m sick, I’ll add some fresh lemon and rum extract (or rum). 🙂

  • I do so love a good cup of tea and pre-RV days I would have never heated my water in the microwave but one does what one must do. Now a days it is just so much easier. Yes, honey is a must in most teas.

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