Guidelines and Disclosures

Where do you publish your reviews?

I publish my reviews primarily on this blog, as well as on Goodreads and Amazon. I will include a link to my blog review via Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram. I will attempt to include a copy of the review via email if the publisher provides an email address to send it.

What type of publishers do you work with?  

I do try to highlight independent or small publishers when I can. I am currently accepting submissions from small presses, but only if they are science fiction/fantasy, mystery, or thriller. While I will tentatively accept books containing rape scenes or torture when important to the plot, please be aware I may not publish a review if I feel uncomfortable doing so. I do not accept erotica, bestiality, or race/discriminatory/hate crimes.  If you feel that your book is an exception to this rule, please contact me.

When do you publish your reviews?

I strive to follow best practices as they relate to confidentiality in my reviews, therefore books or information that is not accessible to the public will not be posted until that time. I try to publish my reviews within a week of the release, if possible, however book reviews will happen as I can get to them. If you have questions about my flexibility on timing, please contact me via email.
I am currently accepting review books that are being published two to three months out from the current date.

What do you do if the review is negative?

If the book review is overwhelmingly negative, I will try to send a cutesy email to the publisher letting them know that I will be publishing the review. Depending on the review, I may not post to all forums (e.g. I may not post to Amazon or link to my review via Instagram). I do strive to be honest in my reviews and to foster valuable discussion and I may refrain from posting a review if I feel that I have nothing positive to say.

What is your rating system?  

On my blog, I use an academic scale to rate my books (A,B, C, D, F and the +- system), however on Amazon and Goodreads, I rate my books on a 1-5 “star” scale in order to comply with their rating systems. I will note in the review if the book has a “half-star”.

A (5 star): I highly recommend this book.  I will highlight my favorite five star/A level books frequently.
B (4 star): I recommend this book.  May not have been perfect, but was an enjoyable read.
C (3 star): I recommend this book with reservations or caution.
D (2 star): This book was not for me, however there were redeeming qualities that have potential.
F (1 star): I do not recommend this book at all.  (This is rarely used).

In the end, I love reading books and I use this blog as a way to share my love with others. I currently do not make money from my blog, however if that changes I will disclose that. Above all, I try to be an honest reviewer and the words and opinions in my reviews are mine alone.

Disclosure about source of books: Unless noted otherwise in my posts, reviewed books were purchased by me or borrowed from friends or the public library. I will include a disclaimer in a review if I received the book as a free or advanced copy from the publisher, author, or any other source.


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